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MRER Stick Horse Derby

MRER will be hosting a Stick Horse Derby on Friday to kick off convention.  MRER will provide hors d’ oeuvres and there will be a cash bar. Cocktails will begin at 6pm. Race time begins at 7pm. Come and join the fun.

Holly Ulyate will call the races and anyone can enter a horse. We will also have a fine stable full of “rental horses” available if you don’t want to bring your own. The cost to rent a horse is $5. Before each race, we will have a post parade to introduce each horse so we encourage you to be creative with your own horse. (Costumes, colorful tack, unique name and pedigree are all encouraged)


Race rules:


-There will be 6 horses in each race.


-Riders may ride their own stick horse or “hire” a jockey.  (A

 drink will probably get you a top jockey!)


-Rental Horses will be available for $5.


-The cost to enter a horse is $10.Winning riders will receive their choice of a ride entry.


-Movement along the racetrack will be determined by the roll

 of the dice.


-Riders/owners may register/enter  more than once if all riders who wish to enter have had at least one opportunity to ride. There will be a minimum of 4 races and if time permits additional races will be added.


-Para-mutual betting will be allowed on all races. Fifty per cent 

 of all bets will go to MRER. The remaining money will be

 divided among the winning bets.


-The final event will be the Best of Show where all entrants* will be allowed to “strut their stuff” for the judge. (We are hoping that the esteemed Dave Nicholson, DVM will serve as judge) The cost to enter the Best of Show is $5. The winner of the Best of Show will also have their choice of a ride entry.


*(If riders who rode rental horses wish to ride the same horse in the Best of Show, the horse will go to the highest bidder)