Mountain Region Endurance Riders

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Welcome To MRER

MRER is the regional endurance riding organization for the Mountain Region which includes, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and SW South Dakota and western Nebraska. Members participate in an awards program and receive a bi-monthly newsletter.

Endurance riding is a great sport that allows you to spend time with your horse on some of the regions most beautiful trails. An endurance ride is a ride of at least 50 miles in length over a premarked trail. The ride must be completed within a maximum time period and all horses must pass veterinary check points along the way and at the finish. Riders who complete the ride receive a completion award and those finishing in the top ten may stand for the Best Condition award. There is also an opportunity for people to enjoy shorter distances through the Limited Distance program which offers rides which are between 25 and 35 miles long. These rides are usually held in conjunction with the endurance rides and MRER offers an awards program for those who choose to participate in these events. 


 Endurance riding offers riders an opportunity to spend hours with their equine friend, experiencing magnificent scenery and trails and  enjoying the comaraderie of fellow horse people. Join MRER today and become a part of this great sport.