Mountain Region Endurance Riders

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Sanctioned Out of Region Rides- 2023

Caja del Rio

May 27                               Aura Rose Jensen-Curtis

Santa Fe, NM           

25/50, Intro                         541-771-8717


Caballo Sin Nombre Pioneer*

April 21-23                       Ann Nicholson

Navajo Lake, NM   

25/50                                907-821-1819

* AERC sanctioned distances only

City of Rocks Pioneer

June 2-4

City of Rocks, Alamo, ID

25/50, Intro


Jessica Isbrecht


Maah Daah Hey

June 24-25                                                    Angie Mikkelson

30/55, 25/50 , Intro                             

 Sully Creek Campground                         701-690-1563

Medora, ND                                                  

Top O the World

July 28-July 30

Spencer, ID

25/50, Intro each day


Mike Cobbley


Grand Canyon Pioneer*

Aug 31-Sept 3

25/50, Intro each day



North Rim of the

Grand Canyon

Ann Nicholson


  *AERC sanctioned distances only

Autumn Sun

October 6-8

Autumn Sun

25/50, Trail Ride

Gooding, ID

Jessica Huber